"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by creativity and problem solving"

I believe the best solutions are never overcomplicated and the most timeless designs are created with the primary goal kept front and center "Solving the Problem." Looking behind to see what came before is the best way to inspire the future. The truth is, most problems have already been solved somewhere in time. 

Since day one, I've been fascinated by the power of detail and practical creative magic. As David Craib said, "Design should never say, "look at me.". It should always say, "look at this!". 

Let's get people looking!
Sometimes the task seems impossible and far from reality for business owners or team leaders. My consulting service is used for brainstorming and strategy for the business. By identifying the problems early, I can deliver a plan for your business needs and budget. 

This option is ideal for those looking for long-term results. It allows us to set up a specific budget and allocated time for all the tasks in hand. Great for growing teams as it becomes a nimble option made for efficiency and productivity.

A La Carte
Small to medium size businesses often don’t have an idea of what their marketing/branding budget might be. This option is great as we explore what your business needs will become in the future and adjust properly by tasks. 

White label
I've previously worked in many projects that have been exclusive to agencies that outsource to my services (NDA will be provided). This is a great option for in-house or agency teams that just need external help without the expense of hiring someone full-time.
Our in-person meeting or video call will familiarize you with my process, it will also introduce me to your vision. There we will discuss what you are looking for, what your needs might be, and proposed deliverables.

After our initial brainstorming efforts, we will head to the web to identify your problem areas and solution we can bring to the table. From this step, we would love to explore the ideas that can create the best outcomes for your business.

This step is crucial for the identity and visual recognition of your business. After we explore the differences your business may have in the market place, I would create a plan for a consistent visual messaging whether that is from digital collateral to print media.

After all the steps are in motion all I would suggest we keep this process in mind for all your projects. Simple and straight to the point.

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